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Can These 2 Mental Factors Get You Back Into Fitness In No Time?

  Unless you’re already physically active and into sports, chances are it’s usually hard to get motivated, get off the couch and exercise. We’d like to think that this isn’t the case especially when we stop and notice all the benefits of exercise.

  • Exercise strengthens your heart.
  • It helps in lowering blood pressure.

  • It reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.
  • Boosts your flexibility and balance.

  • Makes your bones stronger, gives better toned muscles and healthier joints.
  • Helps in reducing levels of stress and depression.

  • Improves your sleep quality and much more…
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  You’d think there are enough reasons to get all excited about exercise. It’s just that when you stop and look at the people around you (your colleagues, neighbors and relatives), it’s clear that many of them still struggle when it comes to making exercise a part of their daily lives.

It's very easy to come up with excuses for skipping your next workout. I hope that’s not the same with you.

  Regardless, the following suggestions could help you stay motivated. This is especially important when you’re just getting back into fitness or just getting started:

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1) Set Attainable Goals And Get Started:
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  OK. So you’d love to get rid of any trace of cellulite, attain slim hips, develop a flat toned tummy and have sculpted thighs.
  That’s great! Keep up the positive attitude but don’t try to achieve a total body transformation in just three weeks! We’re not going to tackle “how to reach your goals” in this article. I just want to give you something to keep in mind:

“Unless you’re already exercising regularly then
the first two to four weeks will be the toughest
to break through.

That’s why you’re first core focus should be
on making it a habit to exercise regularly… and
set you’re target on getting through the first
few crucial weeks”

Here’s some insight:

“It usually takes about 1 month of regular exercise before
your routine starts becoming second nature”

                                             Prevention Magazine

Action point:

  Make a firm decision (a really firm decision) that you’re going to exercise for at least three days a week starting next week (this week’s even better).

  Look at your schedule and treat your workouts as though they’re appointments you can’t miss. If you’re just getting back into the exercise habit, it’s best to avoid going over four workouts a week.

  It’s also a good idea to have a break between those workout days to give your body some time to recuperate. That way it won’t feel mentally overtaxing.

  Listen. For that crucial first week, I don’t care if you exercise in the mornings, afternoon or whichever time you set aside. I don’t care if you exercise for 15 minutes or 40 minutes. Just make sure you get started on it.

Even a mere 15 minute walk can do the trick. Remember, our focus is on making this a habit.

  Trust me. As you get near the end of your first two or three weeks, you’ll be loving it. Exercise is a sweet sort of addiction. After exercising, your body releases “feel-good” chemicals that’ll set you on some kind of mental high.

  You’ll feel relaxed and energized. As you go through you’re first week, keep your eyes set on how great it will feel at the end of that week.

  What happens after those first few weeks, you ask? Well, you’d need to readjust your goals and plenty more. I’ll be leaving this for another article so make sure to sign up (you can do this by going to

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2) Have An Excuse Busting Attitude:
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  Honestly, it’s too easy to come up with reasons why not to exercise. Making excuses is a favorite pastime of mankind. Really!
  That’s especially true if you’re at home and you can’t switch off the TV because something good is showing or it’s too comfy and warm inside the house or there’s too many things that need to be sorted out and taken care of.

See what I mean? How can exercising compete against these excuses?

  If this is your attitude, then setting aside a few minutes will put you on the right track (even a mere 15 minutes to start with can be great). Put on your trainers or suitable sports wear and just get out and walk around if you’re still unsure about committing yourself to a gym.

  Take a look at everything around you. You might be surprised at how interesting it is to watch people. You can use this as a motivating agent. Everyday is a new chapter. Choose a place that’s pleasant and nice to visit.

  If you’ve got lots of excuses to use at home that are written down in your diary, try putting your trainers in the car. Load a towel and pick up a bottle of water. Now you can simply park in a nice spot and get a few minutes of exercise before you get home.

This is a simple way to help you avoid all those little excuses.

  The point is that it’s normal to come up with excuses to avoid exercise (especially at the beginning when you’re body isn’t used to it yet).

So, whenever you notice yourself jumping into “put off my exercise” mode, stop, right down that excuse and figure out how to bust it.

This doesn’t have to be a complex plan. Simple pointers that you can work on are best in this case.

Ok, now it’s time for action. Pick up these tips and work them… twist them to fit your own lifestyle and personality. Whatever you do, give it a try and get started today.

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