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  4 Excuse Busters: How
Not to Let Excuses Keep
You From Being Fit

  It’s one thing to enthusiastically start on an exercise program and it’s another thing to keep at it.

  As soon as muscles start aching, a plethora of excuses not to go on with the program crop up. Here are four of the most common ones plus some crafty ways to bust them:

“I’m too exhausted after work.”

  You can always adjust the time you devote to exercise.

  Fitness gurus claim that the best time to have a workout is in the morning before breakfast, especially if your objective is to lose weight.

   You can also do mini-workouts at the office without having to change into gym clothes!
  There are hundreds of stretching and flexing exercises which you can do in the privacy of your office, and even within a cubicle.

  If at all possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator when going to your office.
Simple Exercise Excuse Buster
   Halve the distance if you’re somewhere on the upper floors, and gradually increase the distance each day as your stamina improves.

  Soon you’ll find that the more you stick to your exercise regimen, the less exhausted you will be at work.

“My exercise routine is so boring.”

  Worry not – this can be caused by a lot of reasons and can also be remedied by a variety of solutions.

  • Convince a friend to join you. Having an exercise partner motivates you to attend exercise sessions and could help make things a bit more competitive. This partner could be your husband, best friend, or relative.

  • Consider changing trainers. Boredom can actually mean that your trainer isn’t motivating you enough. Don’t be ashamed to cut the cord. A good trainer should not only teach you the “How’s” – he or she should also instill the “Why’s.”

  • Try a new sport. No one said you have to stick to one routine forever. Based on your targets, you can find a sport that will help tone the targeted muscles or burn approximately the same amount of calories as when you were doing your workouts. Tennis, squash, and badminton are great and enjoyable substitutes.

“I just had a baby.”

  Mothers who undergo Caesarean operations are advised to refrain from strenuous exercises for about 45-60 days.

  However, those who undergo normal deliveries can begin exercising as early as the third week after childbirth. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of retaining the saggy belly pouch that you acquired during pregnancy.

  You don’t have to shed all the gained pounds at once – break down your objective into smaller subsets to make the tasks more manageable and to give you a sense of accomplishment as you hurdle each goal.

  Remember, it took 9 months for you to gain the weight, so it’s a tall order to get rid of those pounds in a very short period of time.

“I don’t have the right exercise equipment.”

  This is an impressive try at making an excuse not to exercise, but you can easily perform a workout even without those expensive equipments and gadgets you see on the Home Shopping Network or elsewhere.

  You can effectively increase your heart rate just by going up and down a flight of stairs. You can also use milk jugs filled with sand to simulate training weights.

  And what about the classic sit-ups and push-ups? They don’t require any fancy equipment, but we all know how effective they are in toning our bodies.

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