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 Deep Breathing Exercises
for Quick Stress Relief

  Long, deep, full: These are the kinds of breaths you need to take when you’re at wit’s end and desperately in need of an outlet for pent-up stress.

  Normally, we tend to take breaths that are short and shallow, and when we’re under stress, we tend to breathe even shallower.

  Stress attacks can creep up on you anywhere these days: in the office, at home, in traffic, at a supermarket checkout line.

  It’s the bane of modern living, and affects most everyone. It’s a good thing there are a few subtle exercises you can do without other people knowing about the boiling rage inside you.

  Deep breathing exercises are recommended to soothe the weary body and clear the mind.

  It is said that about 20% of the oxygen supply circulating in our bodies is taken up by the brain.

  People into meditation devote a lot of time perfecting the art of deep breathing. It helps put their minds in a level of total relaxation.

  The easiest deep breathing exercise you can do is to close your eyes (not while driving, though) and sit quietly for only a minute, all the while focusing your mind on the center of your forehead.

  Breathe deeply, slowly, and steadily.

lady meditating and deep breathing
  Try to imagine your favorite vibrant color coursing through your body, which you should now envision as a large hollow tube through which the oxygen can flow freely. 

  You can also choose a place where you can lie down. Assume a supine position and bend your knees.

  Breathe through your nose and take deep long breaths. Doing so alters the percentage of CO2 in our bodies and helps put is in a more relaxed condition. Make sure that your stomach rises as you breathe. Once you have perfected breathing into your stomach, you can do the same routine while sitting up.

  You can tell if your breathing is still shallow if your shoulders are still moving up and down as you breathe. They should also be relaxed. The “proper” deep breath should be able to bring out your clavicle, your chest, and your stomach.

  The required deep breath should also be steady and slow.

  Devote about 5 seconds for every exhalation and inhalation, but don’t focus too much on your pace. Instead, feel at ease with your technique. As you take in air through your nose, air should exit through your mouth. Repeat this ten times.

  Deep breathing should take your mind off stress so you mustn’t strain yourself while doing it. If you find yourself thinking of other things, try to re-focus on the breathing technique again.

  Although this short exercise is great for when you’re having panic attacks, stage fright, or anxiety, you can try doing this deep breathing exercise several times a day even when you’re not feeling stressed.

  It only takes a minute each time but it can do wonders for the circulation of oxygen in your system.

  You can gradually increase your sessions to 3-5 minutes – soon you’ll find it easier to focus on deep breathing rather than on all your pending paperwork!


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