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  3 Reasons Why Extreme
Diets Don’t Last…

    One common characteristic of extreme diets is that they’re spawned by fads.

   One moment they’re veritably unknown, and the next, they’re all over the papers and TV. Hyped ads, these diet plans usually die down as fast as they shoot up to fame.

   Here are three simple reasons why most extreme diets will only work temporarily:

  1. Many individuals taken by the hype jump into the bandwagon without first assessing how committed they will be.

    They’ll go hungry for a couple of days and decide that it’s too much as hunger pangs start gnawing at them.

    The following are a few things you need to first ask yourself before embarking on an extreme diet:

    • Are you prepared to take the flak?Woman Diet Time

      Expect the usual cynical questions and comments from family and friends, and decide how to deal with them.

      “Oh, you’re on another fad diet again, huh?” or “I’ll bet you a hundred you’re going to stop this foolishness after a week.”

    • Do you honestly think you can manage the changes?

      If your new diet calls for replacing meat with tofu or doing away with your usual comfort food such as pastries and potatoes, make sure you’re ready to make that change.

      Don’t falter and start to indulge in self-pity when you’re already there.

    • Would you be able to maintain a different lifestyle?

      If your group is into after-office cocktails, parties, or dining out often, do you think you can stay on track?

    • Are you equipped in the kitchen?

      Most fad diets call for cooking your own special meals. Study the equipment needed and decide if you’re determined enough to invest in the tools.

  2. Those who aren’t well-prepared at dealing with crash diets find the extreme hunger intolerable.

    Some people succeed during the first few days – actually losing a few pounds – but binge on food when they feel like rewarding themselves. It’s sort of making the most of not having to cut down on food when they go on a diet day-off, such as during the holidays – resulting in yo-yo dieting.

  3. Most fad diets are low-carb diets.
    lady yo-yo dieting

    Since carbs remind us of good times such as picnics with mashed potatoes and pies and holidays with turkey stuffing and scrumptious cookies.

    If you restrict carb intake or attempt to eliminate them from your diet, you’ll end up binging on them eventually.Rather than doing away with them, just change the types of carbs you eat.

    Moreover, once a person has reached the targeted weight, her mindset is that the diet is finished and she’ll end up going back to her old ways.

   It makes good sense to have a change of lifestyle instead of obsessing over extreme diets.

   As long as your diet is sensible, you need not skip meals. Stick with normal food but take less of it. To keep from starving, adopt a snacking habit instead of three full meals a day.

   If you combine this desirable eating habit with regular exercise, you’ll shed pounds much slower, sure, but because you have developed a routine, it’s more likely to have a lasting effect.


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