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  High-heeled Shoes: Should
You Sacrifice Health for Glamour?

  High-heeled footwear, for the last 250 years or so, has been blamed for all sorts of medical complaints – corns, sprained ankles, shortened calf muscles, sore backs, ingrown toenails, and bunions. 

  This is a medical fact that perhaps millions of women would hesitate to accept, and that even more men would find difficult to imagine.

  That’s because men find women in heels really attractive, but
have never known the pain associated with wearing them!
woman high-heels and fitness
  A study made by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that
37% of women would insist on wearing high heels despite the discomfort.

This says a lot about ladies going to great lengths for the sake of beauty, doesn’t it?

  Several researchers have actually gone as far as measuring the “knee torque” of women wearing high heels, and by doing so, those at Harvard Medical School positively linked the fashion preference to knee arthritis.

  An expert from the Medical College of Georgia found that 12% of the time, older women who wore high heels lost their balance. Yet another podiatric association found wearing killer heels to be orthopedically and biomechanically unsound.

What happens to your body as you’re wearing high heels?

  First of all, heels alter your natural posture as majority of your body weight falls on the ball of your foot – which can lead to back problems.

  Frequent wearing of high heels – say, regularly for six months – also shortens your calf muscles and the Achilles tendon, which makes walking with flat shoes extremely painful.

  Another downside to wearing heels is a condition called “visceroptosis.”

  This happens when the abdominal contents spill forward due to the forward tilting of the pelvis, giving you that pouch which many often mistake as a fat belly.

  When visceroptosis happens, the internal organs are compressed.

  Apart from these, you could also experience neck, shoulder, and back pain – even headaches and jaw pain – as all our muscles are interconnected.

  When the center of your body is pushed forward as a result of wearing high heels, your spine tends to bend backward to compensate.

  According to podiatrist Barry Radivan, the talocalcaneal joint – the important joint between the ankle and the heel, on which the foot rocks during various movements – is also not properly supported by high-heeled shoes.

The link to fertility problems

  One of the more disturbing findings on the wearing of heels for prolonged periods is its link to infertility. When visceroptosis occurs, the internal organs are adversely affected, and this can lead to dysmenorrheal and menstrual dysfunction.

  As for women who are already pregnant, don’t go for the totally flat footwear – wear something with low and wide heels for support.

The other side of the coin

  When done in moderation, you can still look glamorous and stay healthy at the

  Experts recommend shoes with no more than 4-cm heels, and rest your feet whenever possible.

  One New Yorker claims that shopping everyday on her heels has given her a much-needed workout.

  Walking rapidly in heels of moderate heights, carrying shopping bags, can effectively take off more than 150 calories.

woman high-heels and health
  It’s best if you take the stairs instead of the escalator to avoid stopping at fastfood bars as well.

  A study done at Oxford, this time of 111 British women aged 50-70 years old, revealed a reduced risk of osteoarthritis of the knee despite their having worn heels with heights ranging from 1 to 3 inches.

Play it safe

  There are definitely certain advantages to wearing high heels.

  One of them may be improved posture as we tend to consciously straighten our backs when we wear clothes that make us feel more glamorous.

  Another is that walking in them also tones certain leg muscles and burns calories, as mentioned above.

  But to play it safe, wear only medium-heeled shoes and good support pantyhose. This will keep your calf muscles from becoming painful after an entire day of wearing heels.

  You could also try the Scholl Party Feet gel cushions which help prevent the pain felt on the balls of your feet after wearing high-heeled shoes for extended periods.

  These are soft, transparent insoles which provide a cushion for your feet in addition to preventing your feet from slipping off your shoes. They are washable and reusable and can be bought at popular stores or on eBay for as little as ten dollars.


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