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  3 Ways To Avoid Missing
Your Next Workout...

  You’re all psyched up, upbeat and excited about your new workout regime. Last week, you hit the gym three times and even managed to put in some extra, light cardio at home during two other days.

Wow! You can’t wait to see your body taking shape over the next few weeks. And if you continue like this, there’s no reason it won’t work right?

This may be true until the following week comes along. On Tuesday, you get this important task you just have to get done that just happens to fall right smack at the same time you were planning to workout.

Ooh, you have to skip that workout!

This really ticks me off the most.

  I mean, I'd be in some late meetings at the office that usually last for an hour but, this one just went on and on.

So I
leave the office physically exhausted and at an emotional low (darn I hate long meetings!), and to top it all off, I am forced to miss my scheduled workout that day.

Ok, so how do you deal with this?

  In all honesty, it isn't easy for me to deal with these set-backs.

By missing my scheduled workouts, a lot of negative things happen to me like missing meals, sleep loss and having a generally foul disposition.

Since I didn't want these things happening again, I managed to research three simple solutions to help me avoid a similar problem in the future.

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1) Plan Some Redundancy Into Your Workouts:
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  Let's say you usually do cardio on Mondays and Wednesdays and strength training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now it just so happens that you can't make Tuesday's scheduled strength training. (groan) Another long meeting!

Can you do some cardio instead and
shift it to another day? Maybe at home and like, on a Friday?

Sounds obvious right?

Well, I've seen many people abandon their workouts that day and wait for next week. What if something else comes along next week? If the same thing happens again, then they've skipped two workout sessions.

  Instead, treat your workouts like appointments. Give it serious though when scheduling… give it some priority (compared to things like grocery shopping, watching TV, etc.)

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2) Have Some Guaranteed Time:
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  For example, I try to put in at least one strength training session during weekends plus one cardio.

Unless something really urgent comes up, I know for sure that I can be faithful to my workouts. The best part is that by doing so, I’ve already taken care of a big chunk of my workouts even before the week starts.

So now it’s less pressure mentally, plus I got more room to move my workouts on other days (as explained in (1) above).

So, ask yourself these questions: are there certain days (and times) of the week where you’re almost certain you can fit your workouts in? Is the place you train in (e.g. your health club) not crowded at those times?

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3) The Mini-workout Alternative:
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  So your workout’s been delayed today… but you’ve still got 30 minutes remaining (instead of that 1 hour you initially planned for).

Could you do a quick workout instead of just passing it off?

  Let’s say you were planning two sets of exercises for your shoulders, two for your arms and some abs workouts. Don’t simply abandon your whole workout because you can’t do the full set.

Why not do one set for your shoulders, one for your arms and one for your abs.

  These cut-down versions of your exercise routine will still benefit you. Those 30 minutes are definitely better than none.
Don’t let it go.

Just avoid getting into the same kind of situation every other day (save this for those rare unavoidable circumstances).

After removing those excess pounds, you have to have a routine for maintenance. To establish a routine, you have to make it a habit to always perform your workouts on time.

Once the habit grows, then it really becomes a part of your life.

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