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  The Pros and Cons of Coffee

  It seems like every other month, we read conflicting findings about coffee – whether it’s harmful or beneficial to our health. What’s certain, though, is that coffee has its pros and cons.

  Let’s take a look at some of the results of these studies:

The pros of drinking coffee
  • It helps protect the liver – the risk of cirrhosis of the liver was found to be reduced by as much as 80% – especially in alcohol drinkers and tobacco smokers.

  • It protects against colon and rectal cancer.
women and drinking coffee
  • It stimulates the cardiovascular system and may increase blood pressure (beneficial for those with low BP only)

  • It has a generous supply of antioxidants which combat cell damage; one of its antioxidants may protect against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and gallstones

  • It has been linked to better athletic performance and greater stamina

  • It contributes to improved mental acuity

  • Although it is a stimulant, it is not addictive in the manner that amphetamines and other drugs are

  • It is recognized by the US FDA as GRAS (”generally recognized as safe”)

  • It reduces the incidence of asthma by 25%

  • It improves memory

  • It gives greater energy and alertness

  • In studies, it was not linked to miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth, low birth weight, SIDS, or infertility; neither is consumption of coffee linked to cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, reflux (although recent research has proved otherwise), hypertension, and anxiety

  • It can lead to a slight increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels

The cons of drinking coffee

  Some of these downright disprove the findings about coffee’s advantages, but you be the judge:

  • It hasn’t been scientifically proven to cure hangovers

  • Although it isn’t on the same level of addictiveness as prohibited drugs, most people experience mild symptoms on coffee withdrawal, such as headaches

  • It causes a temporary and harmless rise in heart workload

  • Women with fibrocystic breast disease may be more sensitive at this time with caffeine
lady drinking coffee
  • Coffee drinkers who are emotionally more sensitive than others could be more prone to anxiety attacks

  • It’s a myth that coffee could reduce your weight in the long term

  • Pregnant women consuming 300 mg of caffeine or more a day are two times more likely to have a miscarriage

  • Calcium loss has been detected in women who are regular coffee drinkers; to counteract this, one must consume a cup of milk or yogurt for every cup of coffee taken

  It can be quite confusing to have our beliefs and ideas about coffee changed every so often.

  These two sides are both backed by scientific studies, but there still are a lot more factors that could invalidate research findings.

  In the meantime, we coffee lovers just have to use a little common sense and see what works best for us. The key term here is, and always will be, moderation.


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