Refund Policy

Dear Friend,

   This is related to the purchase of any
Fun Lady Fitness product (or service).

   Naturally, my aim is to provide you with a way to purchase any Fun Lady Fitness product (or service) knowing it’s backed by a "no questions asked" return policy. This means, if you’re not 100% satisfied I want you to contact us.

   That’s why the guarantee is mentioned on the letter(s) describing any Fun Lady Fitness product (or service)*. The guarantee period may vary from one product (or service) to another*, yet there’s a "no questions asked" return policy on all Fun Lady Fitness products (or services).

   I simply ask that you make an effort to have a look through the Fun Lady Fitness products (or services) you purchase and put it to good use where possible. Fair enough, right? You ought it to yourself. Either way, if for any reason you feel your not 100% satisfied do
contact us to process a refund.

with regards to purchases, please note the following : Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
   goods and services provided by Fun Lady Fitness.

   Best wishes,

   M. Jamal
   Your Fitness Advocate

* An example of the product (or service) description letter can be found at

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