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   A whopping 91 percent – that’s how many women, aged 18 to 60, were found to beWoman Clothes Shopping dissatisfied with their bodies, in a survey conducted at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

   The body types we have now may change through the years, but because being an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph may be due to genetic factors, there are some people who cannot alter their basic body shapes.

   We can, however, reduce some flab, tone our muscles, or wear clothes that would be most flattering to our body types.

Clothes For Ectos

   Ectomorphs generally have slim bodies, small bones and joints, shoulders and hips that are nearly the same width, less muscle mass, and find it difficult to gain weight.

   They generally have long limbs in relation to their body and have an overall delicate build.

   Pants and skirts that have gathers at the hip and the waist go well with narrow hips, to give the impression of a fuller lower part of the body.give the impression of a fuller lower part

   Accessories can help focus the eyes and create illusions.

   For instance, ectos who are long-waisted should use wider belts to make the waist look as if it’s more in proportion to the other parts of your body.

   To break up the length of the torso, wear a top with a different color from pants or skirt color. Today’s trendy hip belts are also perfect for ectos, as they make the hips seem wider than they really are.

   Those with small bustlines should wear shirts with breast pockets, or blouses with tucks or gathers at the breast area to accent their chests.

   It would be a good idea to look into Maximizer™ bras that have special pads inside the cups to give small breasts a “lift.”

What Should Mesos Avoid Wearing?

   Large bones and broad shoulders characterize the mesomorphic body type. They generally have well-defined shoulders and chests, with widths greater than their waistlines.

   Mesos have shoulders and hips that are approximately of the same width, and they enjoy taut stomachs.

   Mesos store fat evenly all over their bodies, which fortunately gives them good proportions. To top it all of, their body structure is very receptive to muscle mass gain.

   Mesos normally can wear any type of outfit they want, although there are some areas they would want to downplay.

   Those who do not want their shoulders to look too broad as to take away from their femininity must do away with shoulder pads. If you’re more of a meso, you could wear boot-cut pants or flare skirts which both provide a counterpoint to your shoulders.

   While you would look fantastic in halter tops, strapless blouses and spaghetti straps are to be avoided, as well as pencil skirts which emphasize the “inverted triangle” body shape.

Fashion For Endos

   A recent research published in the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal revealed that women with a lower body image tended to resort to greater body coverage with the use of clothes.

   That is, the more uncomfortable a woman was with certain parts of her body, the more she tended to “cover them up” with layers of clothes.

   What these women probably don’t know is that this technique makes them look even heavier.

   There are light clothes an endo could use that would not add unnecessary bulk yet would look flattering on her.

   Endos should stay away from fills or any extra fabric that adds volume, as well as large prints and loud patterns. To elongate short waists, select narrow belts and wear same-colored tops and bottoms.

   To downplay broad hips, go for straight skirts and trousers, preferably in dark, solid colors.

   Choose clothes made from fabrics that won’t add volume, such as gabardine or wool.

   You could also wear a flowing pants-skirt, as long as it isn’t too tent-like.

   Although full chests should be no cause for concern, there are some endos who feel conscious about it.

   To make you feel like royalty, follow the tips given by the Queen’s corsetieres, Rigby & Peller of London. They claim that at least 50% of women wear the wrong bra size, and this can be quite devastating to the way we carry ourselves in our clothes.

   A good support bra, for instance, should cup the breast and not bear on the flesh.

   The front of the bra must be aligned with the back and a good fit should allow the bra to be worn on the first hooks.

   If you want to divert attention away from or tone down your middle area, wear diagonal prints, shirts with ruching, and wrap tops. Mid-rise jeans are best for your body type, and so are boot-cut pants and flaring skirts.

   Keep fit for a better-looking you

   Regardless of your body type, the best way you could feel good about yourself is to engage in a body-toning exercise, whether it’s a thrice-a-week aerobic activity or spending a few minutes on the treadmill every evening.

   When you’re healthy, you’ll exude an extraordinary glow about you and you’ll gain more confidence in the way you carry yourself.


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