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  Slow Down the Effects
of Aging Through Exercise

   We’ve read about man’s quest for the Fountain of Youth in Literature as well as in history. It was rumored that the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was actually searching for healing waters before reaching present-day Florida almost five centuries ago.

   It was never found by Ponce de Leon, and today, we now know that despite advances in medicine, the best antidote to aging is still exercise.

   A physically fit septuagenarian will definitely score younger on aging tests than a teener who’s out of shape.

How Our Bodies Age Through the Years

The 20s: This is a great time in any young man or woman’s life.

   All of our organs seem to function at their peak, the bones are completely hardened, and the body is well-toned. From the mid- to the late 20s, though, tiny wrinkles start to appear around the mouth and the eyes as collagenase is released, making our skin less supple. 

The 30s: There are some whose muscle performances peak during this decade yet some individuals also experience a slowdown in metabolism.

   Between the ages of 30 and 35, bone mass begins to plateau, after which there would be more bone destroyed than replaced.

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   Likewise, the skin becomes drier and the natural oils are depleted.

   By working out for half an hour three times a week, bone density can be improved before the age of 35 is reached.

   By age 35, the chances of women becoming pregnant are significantly smaller.

   This is due to the increasing occurrence of non-egg-producing cycles as menopause approaches. Smoking and drinking also contribute to premature ageing, overloading the body with toxic substances that lower energy levels and make the skin dry and dull-looking.

   To keep cholesterol levels down, as well as to protect against strokes, heart disease and cancer, exercise must be undertaken regularly.

The 40s: Some say this is when a lot of the effects of aging become apparent at a rapid rate.

   Wrinkles become more prominent on the neck area especially for women. Crow’s feet become more visible around the eye corners and smoker’s wrinkles develop around the mouth.

   As your metabolism slows down, your strength and stamina fall short of their usual levels. Even your muscle mass will begin to shrink if you continue to lead a sedentary life.

   It isn’t too late to reverse the effects of aging if you engage in exercise at this age. As you do your workouts, your muscles will regain their tone and the once saggy flesh in the arm, buttock, and tummy areas can again be firmed.

The 50s and up: Not only does your physical health deteriorate – so, too, would your mental health if you become inured to a sedentary life at this point.

   When one exercises, the VO2max (your body’s maximum ability to take in and use oxygen) improves.

   To prove that even a 50-year old body can take rigorous exercise, Fred Wilt, an Olympian distance runner in the 1930s, can still manage a 2-mile run in less than 10 minutes – a feat that perhaps only a handful of high schoolers can achieve.

   Each decade, people who don’t exercise lose 15% of their fitness. Exercising at low intensity would post a 9% fitness loss, while those undergoing intense exercises and sports hardly lose any fitness.

   Despite aging, we can still improve our fitness by gradually increasing the intensity of our exercises. However, you need to always check with your doctor, just in case you have a medical condition that could be aggravated by more intense exercises.


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