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 The Therapeutic Benefits of Massage - And How 4 Celebrities Put It To
Good Use…

  Have you ever noticed how you instinctively rub your temples with your fingers whenever you feel a headache coming on?

  This is because massaging an aching part of the body has long been practiced in ancient societies. In fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, defined Medicine in 400 B.C. as “the art of rubbing.”

  Massage therapy is enjoying a comeback these days, having been reintroduced as a form of alternative therapy. For athletes who train or exercisers who simply need to repair overused muscles, massage is a must to help them recover.

   A study made by Cornell University, published in 2003 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that a 20-minute massage after a session of vigorous exercises helps relieve sore muscles after two days.

  What is the implication of their findings?

  Muscle soreness is used by athletes to guide them in their training regimens. Many of them train by undergoing extremely strenuous workouts which injure the muscles as they are overused.

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   What happens is that when their muscles feel sore the next day and the succeeding days, they only take light workouts until the soreness is gone.

  A massage helps athletes build stronger muscles because they can take more frequent workouts with consistent intensity.

  Even the iconic Madonna succumbs to a 3-hour Shiatsu massage session every week to relieve muscle strain – the price she pays for a very punishing exercise regimen.

  Madonna is not the only celebrity to take advantage of massage’s soothing effects. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer goes through a cellulite treatment involving mechanical rollers which massage affected areas to excrete toxins and enhance lymphatic drainage.

  Actress Keira Knightley is a devotee of tailor-made massage treatments for the face and the body, said to reduce puffiness and enhance skin glow.

  Cat Deeley, a former model and now a popular DJ, swears by stomach massage and reflexology to eliminate harmful toxins from her body and give her a svelte shape.

  The following are a few of the amazing findings associated with the unparalleled benefits of massage:

  • It has been found to produce a decrease in depression and anxiety among bulimic females. Significant decreases in urinary and salivary cortisol suggested that massage played a marked role in the reduction of stress.

  • Massage therapy studies made by Tiffany Field of the Touch Research Institute showed enhanced immune functions, increased alertness, growth facilitation, and significant weight gain in babies who were stroked with pressure;

  • Eases cramps due to the onset of the menses.This is specifically important for ladies who do not want their exercise routines to be hampered by painful periods. A massage of the area just above the pubic bone easily relieves cramping and prepares you for your scheduled exercise routines.

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