If you’d like to energize your days and take your sleep quality up several levels then you ought to check this out.

Plus, it can honestly enhance your fitness and body sculpting efforts (after all sleep and rest time is where your body is rebuilt after those grueling workout sessions… and your internal systems are refueled and energized — would you rather wake up energized or drowsy?)

Now imagine what your life would be like if you had
MORE ENERGY to do whatever you want. enhance your quality sleep

Imagine waking up energized every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While most people only DREAM about having more energy and high-quality relaxing sleep – without taking any sleep inducing pills – I’m here to tell you that it’s possible!

Getting to the point…

There’s a great resource which I’ve got and put to the test. Let’s call it “Power Sleep Wizard”. This is a two part easy-to-understand program that onsists of a very well-written and informative e-book called “Sleep Wiz Revitalizing E-Book”.

Its objective is to show you easy to follow sleep trengthening tips. And, a downloadable “Sleep Induction Wizard” mp3 audio which ‘stimulates’ your brain to the ideal sleep, relaxing zone.

I have to talk more about this audio program…

It has nothing to do with subliminal, NLP or hypnosis programs.

It stimulates your brain to drop its vibrations from the state of stress to totally relaxed state. It is 100% safe and works like magic. I tried it, it worked with me and I
recommend you try it!

All I had to do is to go through the e-book first and do a few simple metal exercises. Then I put on my headphones and listened to the audio program.

And the next thing I remember is waking up in the morning. I actually fell asleep while listening to the program.

In all honesty, if you’d like take your sleep quality up several levels then the mp3 brain wave technology is a must have.

Check out the “Power Sleep Wizard” by clicking here and see if it’s something you’d like to grab and put to good use.

M. Jamal

P.S. If you’re interested in an insider look, highlights and what I liked the most about this resource you can click here.

If you’ve been into fitness for a more than a few months you know that rest and recovery are essential.

Think about it: you put your body through all kinds of stress… you damage muscle tissue while strength training… plus it requires quit some mental focus and determination.

It’s no surprise then that you need optimum recovery to boost your training efforts and get the most out of those sessions.

One major recovery aspect is sleep.

Sabotage your sleep… cut it short and you’ll only hurt your fitness results. Not only is it mentally tough with less quality sleep, but your fat loss efforts will suffer, your metabolism and hormonal production are affected too (and the list goes on).

As you hit the bed every night does sleep come easily? As you wake up the next morningenhance your sleep and recovery do you feel energized or drowsy?

Well, there isn’t a better time to take control of this and boost your sleep into Power Sleep (you know the more energizing type). That’s why I setup a special review webpage that covers two of the best resources I’ve actually put to the test.

… and, as you see those two resources, you’ll know there’s a good reason to check it out right away. Have a look by clicking here.

M. Jamal

Do you have a dress style that suits your body type?

When you pick clothes, colors and accessories do they enhance your features?

Well, here’s an interesting article I just came across that goes into quick tips for threelady dress for body type body types; they call them “The Petite”, “The Tall” and actually 3 categories of “The Bootylicious” (Ah, remember that song by Beautiful Beyonce that brought out this phrase ‘-)

For example, would three-quarter sleeves… or flared sleeves suit you best? Would you be better off with a short jacket or a V-shaped vest?

And plenty more. Check it out by clicking here.

Also, if you’re serious about this topic and getting the scoop on “Wearing The Kind Of Clothes That Bring Out The Best Of Your Body Type”… then here’s a resource you ought to check out.


M. Jamal

Women who have been on a regular cardio routine for several months may inevitably look for something new just to keep their workout interesting.

Here’s one cardio training that could yield immense benefits despite its low-impact feature: Swimming.

Swimming is the cardio exercise of choice especially during hot summer months.

It’s safe, great for any age group, and is as beneficial as any other cardio because you’re in motion the whole time. Fitness expert Eddie Carrington says that 20-60 minutes of repetitious movement in the pool works wonders for the heart and lungs (Jones, Ebony August 2006).

When you exercise in a pool, the routine you usually perform in your usual aerobics class can still be done, in addition to extra laps you might want to make. Swimming offers a lot of benefits that we don’t normally get from our regular cardio training.

Some of them are:

  1. Swimming is gentle on your joints, bones, and muscles. woman-swimming-exerciseAccording to the Aquatic Exercise Association, our body weights are reduced by about 90% when submerged in water.

    This means that instead of landing with 100% of our body weight on a surface, we land on about 10% of our total weight, and that means less stress on the joints which usually take a hard beating at the gym. This is the main reason why swimming is highly recommended for those used to leading a sedentary lifestyle, the elderly, people suffering from arthritis, and pregnant women.

  2. Swimming is a superb alternative to cross-training. You can alternate your days at the gym with swimming 2-3 times each week.

  3. Swimming improves flexibility and fortifies muscles. Because you’re surrounded by water while swimming, you work out with greater resistance than when you do on land. Each stroke, each kick keeps you in constant contact with resistance, and in the process, your muscles are toned and developed.

  4. Swimming facilitates an easy workout on muscle pairs.During regular cardio training, we need to reposition our bodies to be able to work out each muscle pair adequately (i.e., quads and hamstrings; biceps and triceps). In swimming, you get to work on both groups that function as pairs because of the extra resistance created by the water.

What to watch out for

You may easily lose track of your cardio intensity while in water because you won’t feel the “burn”.

In fact, the heart rate actually slows down while you’re in water.

Thus, it’s not a good idea to monitor your heart rate while immersed, as you might unduly overwork yourself if you find that you haven’t reached your target beats per minute (BPM).

Monitoring the intensity of your exercise while swimming is best done with the “talk test” – When you’re out of breath and unable to carry on a conversation, you’re likely going overboard. On the other hand, if you find you’re a bit on the talkative end, then you need to work out harder.


M. Jamal

P.S. Are you more into land based cardio workouts like running and cycling or water workouts? Given a choice which would you pick? (hit ‘comments’ & let us know)

“We’ll be arriving at 1115” said the announcement on the plane.

Hmm… why didn’t he just say 11:15?!

That was last weekend as I took a trip to Dubai to get a brand new wakeboard (these things are expensive, but the thrill, fun…and yep, the workout side-effect… is worth every bit).

Anyway, I hop on a taxi and make my way to the Metropolitan Hotel. I call the guy who’s getting me the wakeboard and it turns out he’ll be late some 40 minutes (ouch, I hate waiting).

So what do I do?

Well, firstly I pretend I’m a regular at the hotel and start strolling around.

I’m hungry. OK let me see, as I entered the small mini-mart, among all the chocolate bars and crisps… where is it?

Where do they keep an acceptable snack?

Ahh… nuts. I pickup a small packet, some apple juice (well, not really fresh but better than Pepsi ‘-)

I’ll tell you what happened to that apple juice and nuts in a moment (plus some photos), but first let me get into a point I skipped…

You see, most of my friends would consider me nuts to just go out and buy a top notchwakeboard, waiting at airport wakeboard without having a clue where I’m gonna ride it! (mind you I’m hungry, stuck at the airport as I type this. Maybe that’s why I keep repeating ‘nuts’. The packet just finished!)

But you know what, there’s a certain “Jump right into it, ask questions later” mentality that can serve you if used properly. I mean it can improve your workout at times.

Here’s a common example…

Whether you’re just getting into fitness or trying to get back into it after some time off… there’s always a tendency to procrastinate.

“Ah, I don’t have my meals planned yet”… “I didn’t eat healthy today so I’ll just leave it till next week”… “I’m not used to dumbbells” you know these kind of thoughts that just keep you in check.

Instead, you could simply slip into your sports wear and hit the gym (or start some warm-ups in case you workout at home)…. and then figure out how to do the perfect workout, eat healthy, the right amount of nutrients, and so on.

I’m not saying go out and do the wrong kind of workouts cuz you’re not sure, what I mean is “decide… take action asap” just to slip into that mind frame again (taking action) instead of waiting till everything’s perfect.
Ok here’s another example…

(this happens to me almost every month. And if you workout right after work I bet you experienced this at least once)…

I’ll come out of work feeling tired, and sometimes in a low mood… on the way to the gym my mind’s saying “Ahh, wouldn’t be so relaxing to just hit the bed… relax… skip workout for today”.

But I keep driving towards the gym.

I’m thinking, “OK I’ll decide when I park my car by the gym”.

And when I park, I’m thinking “Hmmm I might be tired, but let’s try to do just the first workout… just one set… that isn’t too bad. And if I feel tired afterwards I’ll leave”

What ends up happening is, instead of quitting that days workout too early, I’ll start feeling better after my warm-up… then I feel ok as I approach the weights… and as the blood rushes to my muscles, it’s like my brain’s awake again and ready to hit the next set… the next exercise… and before I know I’ve completed that day’s workout.

“Mind tricks”, this can be fascinating heh?
Everyone’s got a few mind tricks that can turn procrastination into action… what’s yours?
Ok, back to where I left off; the nuts and apples juice (darn I’m stuck waiting for check-in with no restaurant or food around! The place is being refurbished. Ouch I’m hungry, this ain’t good. I should’ve brought more emergency food)

So after I picked up my snacks… a few minutes later I notice the hotel actually has a cinema at the back! Woop, now that’s something. Talk about luxury. Well, maybe another time.
A mere 2 minutes later and “Baang” my apple juice smashes to the ground!

I pick it up and go to toss it in the bin. And just like when they say “everything happens for a reason”, I turn around and notice a small fountain with turtles!

Aha, I through in a few nuts. I guess turtles can have a snack too :-p
But they hardly eat it or give it a second look! (Maybe they just had a turtle protein shake full of greens and fish ‘-)

Well, that’s it for today. Let us know what’s your mental tricks to “Get into action” and have a focused workout.

Have a great workout,

M. Jamal