She’s been named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in People Magazine in 2004 (that’s the eight time she’d appeared on the list).

Did you know that today stunning actress Halle Berry scored the top spot in Yahoo searches?

Did you know you can get Halle’s 8 part workout video clips?

You can check out all videos by clicking here. Make sure you can see the animation, then click ‘Yes’ and select “Halle’s Workout” from the menu on the right.

Check out the simplicity of the abs workout. Give it a try. Focus, squeeze in a controlled motion.

Did you find this useful? How does it compare to your current workout?

M. Jamal

He believes it’s the fastest cure for heartburn…Lady Doctor Nutrition

He’d also tell you it’s a great cure for asthma, migraine headaches and major pains of the body…

And if you’re thinking it’s one complex pill or medication that’ll cost you a bundle then it’s not. It’s so simple most people overlook it. Better yet, it’s actually free.

What is it?

How does it work?

Well, I’ve just came across an interesting interview with this very same Doctor which can open your eyes and have you reconsider your daily nutrition. Like I said, it’s free… all you have to do is appreciate the concept in spite of its simplicity and take some action.

I’ll give you a link to that interview in a moment, but first here’s how Dr B. first came across this concept…

It all started in an Iranian prison in the early 80’s. You don’t normally expect people to make remarkable discoveries while held in captivity, but not this physician (let’s call him Dr. B. for now).

One late night he was faced with a patient suffering unbearable ulcer pain. The man was literally on the floor groaning “My ulcer is killing me.”

With hardly any medication at hand, Dr. B. prescribed 2 glasses of his now ‘simple cure’. Dr. B. said, “Within three minutes his pain diminished and within eight minutes it disappeared completely”

He was so impressed with the way his ‘simple cure’ helped clear the ulcer attack during the patient’s few months in prison. Dr. B. later tweaked the treatment and watched it come into use throughout prison as its effectiveness became evident.

Long story short, Dr. B. managed to examine about 3,000 patients and monitor the medical fate of more than 600.

Dr. B. has since presented his findings in international conferences and major journals.

He sums it up by saying: “When I discovered that the solution to most of the pain and disease conditions of our society is not a money-maker so no one is interested in it, then I decided to go public and take my information to the public. That’s why I’ve written my book.”

Instead of telling you about this ‘simple cure’ right here I feel it’s best if you check out this insightful interview with Dr. B. He runs through:

  • A simple cure for heart burn
  • How to wash out the toxic chemical waste build up in your body
  • How your body shut down the breathing process and have you experience asthma
  • Why this ‘simple cure’ is hardly main stream… and… why the drug companies will hardly tell you about it (hint: it doesn’t sell!)
  • Why your nose begins to water and wash the pollen out – and how this relate to allergies.
  • Why Table salt is not good is not a good option, plus a simple alternative and how much of it is optimal for your health.
  • Fighting Osteoporosis by taking calcium supplements? It’s useless unless you drink plenty of this ‘simple cure’.
  • And much more…

Once you start reading this interview Stop Thinking “This is too good to be true”.

Get Over the “I already know this” feeling and instead gain a new appreciate for the power of this ‘simple cure’ (better yet, why not pick up one simple tip and starting applying it today).

Click here to see the interview with Dr. B.

Hope you find this interesting, would love to hear your thoughts.

M. Jamal

If you feel that you’re not getting the results you want from your exercise regimen, check this list of the most common mistakes about exercising and see how you can modify your routine to your advantage.

1) Lack Of Direction:woman training at gym

Set your goals right from the moment you start your workout plan. Start a journal where you’ll jot down everything that’s essential to your objective.

This includes:

  • What you went to get out of your workout: weight loss, muscle toning, improvement of your cardiovascular health, or increase in muscle mass?You may be thinking of multiple objectives at once, and this is perfectly fine. What’s important is you list down each one and see if the exercises you’re performing are appropriate for the goal you have in mind.
  • How long you’re giving yourself to achieve this objective.Do you want to lose ten pounds in 2 months? Do you want to finally remove those love handles before hitting the beach this summer?

    Don’t be tempted to have an open-ended timeframe. If you give yourself too much leeway, you’ll easily slack off.

2) Thinking That More Is Always Better:

Exercising effectively involves a combination of quality and quantity.

There are certain types of exercises that, no matter how many repetitions you make, won’t give you significant results. On the other hand, there are also routines that just take a small amount of time but are so taxing that you’ll see amazing results in just a few days.

You can also decrease the number of repetitions in a set to avoid exhaustion, but make sure you increase the number of sets.

In weight training, another effective technique to make your exercise more effective is to cut the weights you are using in half but do the repetitions to fatigue. This method has been shown to quickly improve strength.

3) Settling Into Your Comfort Zone:

If you keep doing the same routine over and over, you’ll eventually stop gaining muscle mass. “No pain, no gain” is still true to some extent in this sense, if you want to see the results you’re aiming for.

Muscle is built when they repair themselves after a rigorous routine.

When you feel pain after a difficult session, this means that your muscle fibers have sustained tiny tears, but these are soon repaired.

Those who are new at exercising may commit the mistake of overworking themselves, not allowing sufficient time for these tears to heal. What happens is that the ligaments, tendons, and muscles may become permanently damaged, making exercising excruciating.

Always remember to perform stretching exercises as warm-ups and cool-downs too, no matter how physically fit you are.

This point also touches on another exercise mistake – not putting enough variety into one’s exercises.

To keep from getting bored and from getting the same results (which, in many cases, may mean no results if no changes are made), try a new variation of your usual exercises.

Also try those that push you to use different body joints, such as lunges and squats.

4) Focusing On The Wrong Things:

Many people stick to doing what they’re good at, what’s easy for them, or enhancing their assets. However, for overall health, you also need to focus on your weaknesses.

If you have a well-developed upper body, for instance, perform exercises that would help your lower extremities, too.

5) Taking Power Bars And Sports Drinks For Non-Strenuous Workouts:

Well, okay, they may be strenuous to you, but researchers believe that if you haven’t exercised for more than 2 hours in a day, these bars and drinks will only add to your calories.

Just drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet to be able to meet your daily exercise needs.

6) Resorting To The Gym Slouch:

This is when you lean on the equipment too heavily instead of just holding on to the bars for support.

When you do the gym slouch on, say, a treadmill or the Stairmaster, you lean over and round your back, thus not giving your spine the required support.

7) Starving While Exercising To Quickly Lose Weight:

This may seem contrary to that point mentioned above, but there are too many people skipping breakfast, taking a hurried lunch, and gorging at dinner.

This is an ineffective weight loss formula because it slows down metabolism.

A better plan is to have 5 or six meals in smaller portions, with meals evenly spaced throughout the day. This facilitates digestion and improves metabolism in the long run.

M. Jamal

P.S. How often do you come across these common mistakes? Have you seen friends run into these things and other mistakes that drives them away from their set goals? Would love to hear your thoughts.

It’s rather inspiring to hear about everyday people with real lives making a difference and getting closer to their dream bodies. So when I saw this post by Traci talking about “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” of her recent ‘Healthier Lifestyle’ goals I had to tell you about it.

She voices her thoughts in 22 points that sum up her experience since starting what she calls “The Big D” on Valentie’s Day.

It definitely touches with how many women feel, one poster said:

“I think you put into words what so many of us moms feel every day.”

And another one said…

“Good for you-for voicing what most women think and for having a healthier life style.”

I’d suggest taking a moment to check it out (surely let me know if it does touch base with you’re experience so far).

But first, I’d like to run through 3 concepts that Traci explained briefly…

  1. Healthy Food Feels Better:

    Traci says, “I have discovered healthy snacks that I love and actually, truly do prefer over the crap I was eating nonstop before.”Surely there’s no one nutrition menu that fits all, so it helps to experiment and find out what fires your taste buds and nourishes your body.

    One week, I’m trying Sprouts… next week it’s Baby Carrots… then it’s Asparagus (all this in an attempt to add some flavor to my lunch).

    Yet here’s the big one…

    When most people think of ‘healthy food’ they usually assume it’s boring and doesn’t feel right. This is especially true if they’re big on takeout.

    But, if you give it a chance… and replace just one meal or snack with a healthy choice… and keep at if for 2 weeks… you’re body’s natural tendencies will shift in remarkable ways.

    Here’s an example, replace Pepsi/Coke with water or lemon juice for 2 weeks.

    After that, Pepsi won’t taste the same. In fact, after doing this years ago I remember how awful it tasted… it shocked my system and I wasn’t so hung up on it anymore (or as Traci puts it “the burn that I thought I lived for was decidely less than thrilling and the taste was bleh”).

    Another example could be having raisins instead of cookies or sweets. This can really fill up your sugar craving in a good way.

    Have you experienced something like this before?

    (I’m not talking about perfection here, just a simple shift in perspective and realizing how we’re so hung up on many food choices which aren’t necessarily as good as we’d like to think).

  2. Next, in point 3 Traci talks about the ‘taken for granted nutrient’…Water:
    Woman Drinking Water In Gym
    “And speaking of the water consumption, I think I am fully hydrated for the first time in my whole life.

    Sounds obvious?

    Sounds simple to do?

    Then, how come I see way too many people skipping this simple concept everyday!

    I hope you’re having plenty of water.

    I won’t try to entice you by listing all kinds of benefits here… just try this for a week and tell me how different you feel: Don’t wait until you feel thirsty (you’re already dehydrated when you feel thirsty!)… try to have a glass of water every 2 hours or so.

    It’s not a race to drink up 13 glasses of water a day, make it a gradual shift… and, soon enough, you’ll find yourself drinking water without waiting to be thirsty.

    Here’s 2 more points worth keeping in mind:

    • Your ‘thirst mechanism’ becomes less sensitive if you’re not getting enough water.
    • It’s said that even MILD dehydration can slow down your metabolism as much as 3% (on the flip side, water can actually help suppress your appetite)
  3. “I’ve really started thinking and feeling that it’s much too early in my life to feel frumpy and tired, which I have for the last five or so years.”

    I guess this one’s big because way too many magazines focus on the aesthetics of exercising and eating well.

    That’s not fair, there’s a major difference in the way you feel… your energy level, how you perform everyday tasks even your confidence level shoots up as you get a healthy dose of exercise and great nutrition.So go for it and feel your best.

Listen, I just went through 3 items of the 22 that Traci covers in her blog post.

It’s worth taking a minute to check it out here.

M. Jamalfemale body type report

P.S. Another interesting comment by Traci:

“In high school I thought I was one of the “big” girls. I wore big clothes because I couldn’t look the way I was supposed to in the stylish clothes. I’ve since realized that I was curvy. Big difference. I have boobs and a butt. That is not going to change.”

That’s the core idea behind my report “What’s Your Body Type And How To Train To Get That Shapely Physique”. So if you haven’t downloaded your free copy already you can do that in less than a minute by going here.