The term “breakfast” comes from combining “break” and “fast,” and literally means to break the fast. When we sleep, there is no food intake for the 6 or so hours, and it’s only because your metabolism slows down during this period.Breakfast And Slimming

As soon as you wake up, however, your body requires fuel once more to help you get through the day’s activities.

If you skip this important meal, you’re more likely to crave snacks during midday or eat more the rest of the day.

With hunger also goes crankiness, and no one wants to associate with anyone in a foul mood so early in the morning. Poor memory has also been linked to skipping breakfast, which means that this nutrition abstinence is not advisable for adults and children alike.

But why do so many people skip this meal, if it’s so important?

Aside from their misconception that it would help them become slimmer faster, many think it’s a waste of time, and often there is a lack of readily available breakfast fare in the home.

How much breakfast should one have?

There’s an undeniably wise advice that goes: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a shopkeeper, and dinner like a pauper.”

But realistically, your aim should be to consume the same amount of calories for each of these three meals. To be more specific, the calorie breakdown should be as follows: 25% for breakfast, 30% for lunch, and 30% for dinner, with about 15% for snacks during the day (best eaten in the afternoon).

A good breakfast should have some fiber and some protein.

Protein can come from lean meat, beans, soy, or eggs. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, on the other hand, provide the fiber your body needs. One example of a healthy breakfast may consist of a bowl of high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk, a hardboiled egg, and a grapefruit.

There are some people, though, who aren’t used to having breakfast or don’t feel like eating this much so early in the day.

They should either train themselves to eat less at dinner, or split breakfast into two installments – having the egg at home and perhaps eating an apple or a small bag of nuts during mid-morning.

What do studies reveal about breakfast?Slimming Breakfast

There is convincing evidence showing that people who skip breakfast tend to be more unsuccessful with their attempts to lose weight.

This is because they make up those calories – with gusto – the rest of the day.

A study done in Madrid revealed that obese people spent less time, ate smaller portions, and had less variety during breakfast than people with normal weights.

Brenda Malinauskas, an assistant professor of nutrition at East Carolina University in North Carolina, conducted a study which showed that 48% of obese women skipped breakfast, while of overweight women, 40% did the same. Surprisingly, only 27% of normal-weighted women missed this meal.

When you take a hearty breakfast, your metabolic fires for the day ahead of you are stoked.

Conversely, without breakfast, your metabolism slows down and so does your calorie-burning. Not only that – even your mental and physical performance will suffer when breakfast is habitually skipped.

M. Jamal

P.S. It’s interesting how most tend to enjoy breakfast on vacation… yet it seems like a chore to skip through when we’ve got to rush to office. I try to line up my heaviest meals (including snacks) throughout the morning, then go lighter towards the evening… how about you?

Most of the Western world welcomes summer beginning the second half of the calendar year, and onceThe Right Bikini For Summer again, it’s that time of the year to look for swimsuits that would enhance the assets and camouflage the not-so-good areas.

Since bathing suits are seldom classified according to any particular categories such as body types when they’re sold in department stores, it would be easier for you to look through catalogues or surf the Internet for the swimsuit that would look most flattering on you.

Before doing so, you should first look at the guide below to have an idea of which swimsuit style to choose:

Small Bust:

Choose a halter top in any bright color such as pink.

This particular style, or one that dips low at the chest and is tied at the nape, can create a cleavage even when you’re not endowed with one. It’s also possible to wear a one-piece suit, but choose one that is padded at the bustline and has snug-fitting underwiring.

Full Bust:

You’ll know when you fall under this category if your torso is comparatively larger than the bottom half of your body.

A swim tank-type bathing suit helps minimize large breasts, and so would a two-piece swimsuit whose top is darker than the color of its bottom piece. Try a sports top, too, as these keep everything in place (few things are worse than an underwired bikini top which can’t quite hold things in place). They also keep you more comfortable, knowing you have full coverage.

Small Bottom:Mini-Sarong

Purchase a suit with a ruffle-hemmed bottom or use a mini-sarong and tie at hip level when out of the water.

Large Bottom:

If you have the so-called pear or triangle shape, attention must be drawn away from the lower half of your body.

To do this, go for a swimsuit with special detail on the chest area.

It could be anything such as a tie bow or a crest, which help to create a more balanced figure. You may go for a deeper neckline or extra padding, and side ruching at the outer edge of the bust creates interest around this area rather than on your lower torso.

Alternatively, you can camouflage your problem area with a skirted bottom, if you feel that covering your hips and thighs would make you feel more comfortable.

Boyish Figure:

When you don’t have enough curves, look for styles that would give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

One good design is a one-piece suit that is cut off at the sides but with material covering the middle of your torso. Choose printed swimsuits instead of plain ones, and go for the large prints, especially florals and wide lines.

Avoid solid black pieces as these would tend to make flat even flatter.

Full, Round Figure:

A one-piece bandeau will give the illusion of height and at the same time slims the figure.

Attention is drawn to the chest area, balancing the look, and its strapless nature makes you look even sexier.

Plus Sizes:

Women with plus sizes simply shy away from the beach or wrap themselves like mummies in sarongs, but this shouldn’t be the case.

All you have to do is find a swimsuit with a busy print to distract the eyes. Choose those with two or three colors only, and the prints can be geometric shapes or lines – anything but large circles.

If you have a belly bulge, do stay away from two-piece numbers.

Instead, find an empire-waist swimsuit to emphasize the bust line and conceal the belly area.

V-necklines are recommended to draws the eyes up, towards the bust and the neck and face. You can also look for tummy-control swimsuits to help firm your mid-portion.

Wide Shoulders:

To keep them looking more proportional, select a swimsuit with thick straps. You can also use halter tops in dark colors to draw the eyes towards the center of your body.


Refers to women 5’4” and below. The best swimsuits are monochrome plain ones with smooth, lean lines and minimal detailing.

Short Legs:

Instead of trunk-style swimsuits, choose a raised leg cut such as French-cut numbers to elongate your legs. In addition, it’s better to wear one-piece suits in solid colors which don’t break up the body but rather give an elongated illusion.

Maintain a good posture and don’t try to hide a large bust, for instance, by arching your back.

If you find the right type of swim wear, carry it proudly.

Most types of swimsuits would look good on any person when worn with confidence.

M. Jamal

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