So I’ll occasional pop over to Starbucks every week or so to grab some mocha…

(and well, for a change of mood when my mind’s in freeze mood – you know those days when you feel like grabbing your favorite beverage and flipping through a book or magazine)


I’ll admin I like their mocha but I’m always lost when I look at their food menu.

I mean, unless I’m desperately hungry, I’d simply skip the food on their menu altogether – not even a good choice for a snack on most days.

And you know what, I bet I’m not the only one tempted to skip those meals. Hear this…

I just came across a comment by Starbucks Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Schultz saying how he was “embarrassed” by the food at Starbucks and that it would be “completely reinvented by fall.”

Now get this…

I just there was something in the news today that’s hopefully a sign for things to come…

Starbucks just added what they call “dietitian-designed breakfast foods”

That’s 5 food menu items including hot oatmeal and a protein plate, a new improved apple bran muffin, a 100 percent whole-grain pastry made with seasonal fruit and a multigrain roll with seven different seeds and grains. (you can check out the full story here )

But what is it that got me excited…

Even though I have zero plans to visit a Starbucks before heading to office in the morning?

Here’s one reason…

It’s because I’ve seen countless friends skip breakfast all together and… well, you know… grab a morning coffee.

So I’m thinking: maybe next time they’ll be tempted to grab some food along with their coffee. (Would you?)

After all, some breakfast is way better than No Breakfast. (Read that again, it’s that important)

I’ve covered this in an earlier post: “Don’t Skip Breakfast Even While Slimming”

And you know what, way too many people would rather grab a few minutes extra sleep than breakfast.

And if you’ve ever found yourself tempted to skip breakfast because you’re too busy or in a rush, hang in there because I’ve got a resource that’s all about “10 Tips To Making Time For Breakfast”

But first, check out some of these eye-opening stats:

  • Almost one in four adults in Ireland often skip breakfast and almost one in five often skip lunch.
    ( reference )
  • In the UK, a survey of over 1,000 workers found that more than a third of office workers either never have breakfast or have it just once to three times a week.

    Here’s an interesting quote from independent nutritionist Mark Barker:“People who eat breakfast are also more physically energetic and have beet co-ordination. Research tells us that scores on memory tests were about 15% lower in people who skipped breakfast,” he said. “And those who skip it tend to eat sugary, fatty foods later in the day, reducing their productivity.” ( reference )

  • And how does it affect kids?

    Well, one study found that irregular breakfast eating had a significant negative association with quality of life among Japanese schoolchildren.Another study, surveyed the behavior of 1609 Taiwanese adolescents aged 12 to 20 where 23.6% of participants reported that they ate breakfast irregularly on schooldays. And, odds of becoming overweight were 51% greater for those who regularly skipped breakfast. ( reference )

  • Okay, here’s something to cheer you up…

    David Clarke, chief executive officer of Best Western Hotels, says “Over the past few years the gender split with breakfast has become much more noticeable. Female guests certainly head for the healthy option much more than men, especially when traveling for business reasons
    ( reference )

And now for those “10 Tips To Making Time For Breakfast”

I like Mr. Breakfast’s 6 “A.M. FUEL Rules”

Right now, I’m into Tip #6, I’ve become a bit of an oatmeal fan (along with a mix of crunchy, dried fruit and morning protein).

Plus, he goes on to share 14 “Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes” at the end of that webpage. Be sure to check those out (click here to see it now)

M. Jamal

P.S. What’s your morning eating habits like? Do you skip breakfast often?

P.P.S. On another note, I wonder if the Starbucks vs. McDonalds is behind this whole thing. Would you say Starbucks is trying to win over some “morning meal seekers”? Here’s the video…

Lifetime memberships in gyms may seem cheap if you’ll consider the unlimited use, but let’s face it, there’s a very slim chance you’d set foot in the gym for the larger part of a year – unless you’re living just a few blocks away from the facility.

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Exercise Videos:

Whether they’re the antiquated Fonda workouts or the newer programs, you can’t go wrong with an exercise video. All you have to do is prepare your mat if needed, drop the video in, and exercise during whatever time of day you please.

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Good sources are garage sales, Craigslist, or eBay, but only if you can check the item out. If not, make sure that it’s still under warranty.

M. Jamal

P.S. So do you prefer an in-home workout, outdoors or gym?