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  Don’t Add Inches to Your Waist
During a Vacation – 4 Simple Tips

    Unless you’re in the cast of the TV series Survivor, it’s unlikely that you won’t gain some weight during a vacation.

    This is what fitness trainers fear most – their clients leaving for a short trip and coming back only to have gained all the pounds they’ve lost in 3 months.

    When we’re on vacation, our resolutions are tossed out to sea.

    We meet with relatives and friends who take us to the best local restaurants. We drink and party until the wee hours of the morning. And if it’s a business trip or seminar, there’s a big chance that we’d be eating at buffets and sitting behind a desk all day.

    Of course, you’re allowed some leeway since you’re on vacation, anyway. But just to make sure you won’t be charged for “extra baggage” around your waist, try practicing these four helpful tips on your next journey:

  1. Take advantage of the hotel’s freebies. ladies-summer-holiday

    An accommodation most likely includes use of the pool, sauna, and gym.

    Use these to your benefit!A few easy laps at the pool in the morning is perfect if you don’t want to get into something too strenuous before a business meeting.

    When you’re back at the hotel after a long day, spend a few minutes on the treadmill. It’s the perfect equalizer for the huge pasta plates you’ll be having during power lunches.

  2. Participate in fun activities.

    Vacations involve a lot of action so you need not lie in the hotel bed with a huge sundae watching HBO.

    Before you embark on your trip, make one resolution: You’re going to learn a new sport.There are tons of new sports coming out each year that you’re likely to find one you haven’t tried yet. Para sailing, wall climbing, whitewater rafting – the list is endless. Even a game of catch with a Frisbee at the beach can keep your waistline trim and buff.

  3. Avoid sleeping right after meals. Okay, so it’s a vacation! You’re supposed to have a good time and be able to indulge in comfort food – it only happens occasionally, anyway.

    If you plan on “binging,” if you’ll call it that – then at least wait a few hours for your body to metabolize what you’ve just eaten.

    Typically, we feel sleepy right after lunch and give in to an afternoon siesta. This can be avoided by fixing a schedule wherein you would need to participate in some light physical activity right after lunch or dinner.

    In addition, eat what you want if you must, but try taking several light meals instead of three huge meals every day.

  4. Keep walking. It’s recommended for any age and fitness level.Take in the sights. Go on a cycling tour instead of a bus tour. Walk to the souvenir shops instead of taking a taxi.

    If you’re having dinner at a restaurant outside of the hotel, walk the distance. The great thing about walking while on vacation is that you won’t feel forced about exercising while you’re on break!

    Make sure you pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes with you. You can also phone a friend who lives in the vicinity and ask him or her to walk with you – it’s a great way to keep in touch without altering your business or vacation schedule.


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